FAQs / Terms

Do I require membership to use facilities?
To use Nightlight Darkroom, all users must attend a one-to-one induction for £20. There is no additional annual membership required to use the facility.

Do I require existing darkroom experience to use Nightlight Darkroom?
Yes, you must have worked in a darkroom previously, or should attend a course/private tuition at Nightlight Darkroom before renting.

How do I book rental/workshops?
To rent an enlarger, check availability before booking online here. Email Helen at nightlight.darkroom@gmail.com to book private tuition or onto a workshop, tuition/workshop deposits are then be taken via Paypal to confirm bookings.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Yes, due to the community nature of Nightlight Darkroom all payments are non-refundable in the case of cancellation.

Are there discounts for longer bookings?
Yes, five sessions for the price of four when paid in advance. Full price bookings only (excludes additional 10% Shutter Hub / Redeye discount.) Email nightlight.darkroom@gmail.com regarding discounted bookings.

When is the darkroom open for rentals?
Currently the darkroom is open for rental during weekends, please see the Rental Schedule for availability

What chemistry is supplied?
Ilford Multigrade Developer, Fotospeed Stop and Ilford Rapid Fix for black and white, and Tetenal RA4 colour. You must provide your own paper.

Can I print colour and black & white in one session?
The darkroom is a dual space fitted with colour enlargers for colour and black & white printing, however it’s only possible to print one process in each session.

Is the darkroom open year-round?
The facility is open year-round excluding Christmas and during August. Please note that the colour darkroom is only available subject to the RA4 chemical schedule – email nightlight.darkroom@gmail.com to enquire.

What is the maximum print size I can print?
The maximum print size for either colour or black & white is 20″ x 24″.